Forge Profile Editor

Creating a profile

Profiles are an important feature of the FHIR standard and allow you to tailor FHIR to your needs and define how exchanging partners use the FHIR specification. FHIR would not be FHIR without the ability to create profiles for specific countries, regions or hospitals and suppliers of software solutions.

But not everyone is an expert in editing XML and the specifics of an FHIR XML profile. Creating and maintaining these files by hand using an XML editor or an excel document is error-prone and requires detailed knowledge of the Profile resource.

Profile Editor

Forge is a user-friendly editor for creating and editing profiles that enables medical modelers to create these profiles using a graphical user interface so they can focus on modelling.

Forge editions

We now have a beta release of Forge for FHIR DSTU-2. And it's ready for download. We aim to be compliant with the FHIR DSTU-2 ballot published on April 2, 2015.

We also have a Forge profile editor for FHIR DSTU-1. But since FHIR is well into the second draft, the DSTU-1 version is no longer actively developed. It will remain available for download.

Click once installer

Forge is deployed using a click once installer. So it automatically updates to the newest version when you start the application. After installation of a new release, you will again receive automatic update notifications on application startup. You can download the Forge DSTU-2 from our Click-once installer here.

We moved Forge to a new deployment location. As a result existing installations of the previous DSTU-2 alpha release will no longer automatically detect the new update. Therefore we strongly advise you to uninstall the earlier DSTU-2 alpha release manually before installing this new version.

  • Features
  • Create new Profiles
  • Edit existing Profiles
  • Define Constraints
  • Define Extensions
  • Define Slices
  • Define Bindings